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Title: Nobody Cares, And Ray Toro Won't Share. (Or) Frank Iero, Not…


To be enchanted can be a deadly thing, sometimes far more deadly than being disenchanted. Only upon being disenchanted could Sleeping Beauty find her love...only through suffering do many find joy. Whatever the cost may be; a drummer, a pair of glasses...

We must be disenchanted, desencantado, to move on in our lives.



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Jet Star
Title: Nobody Cares, And Ray Toro Won't Share. (Or) Frank Iero, Not The Kid.
Author: holyfroraytoro
Pairing: Ray Toro/Frank Iero.
Rating: Hard NC-17.
POV: Third
Summary: "Oh, 'fuck you Frank'? Is that the best you can do?"
Author Notes: This...I believe it may have been inspired by a few different works. I'll leave it at that.
Disclaimer: As plausible as it may seem, it is fictitious.
Word Count: 4485

Frank bit his lip, ran a hand down Ray's chest. The older guitarist groaned in his sleep, but didn't wake up. His jaw slackened and a soft snore escaped. Frank pursed his lips in concentration, and then slowly cupped Ray's flaccid groin. The older man had collapsed dead asleep in his show jeans again, thighs still shaking and slightly damp from the sweat of rocking so hard. Ray keened, arching languidly. Doubtless he thought himself in the throes of a wonderful wet dream. Frank watched Ray's forearms and shoulders ripple restlessly, the smaller guitarist licking his dry lips absently.

I have to stop. It's not fair.

...please just one more time.

It's fucking mean to do this.
Frank battled internally, his thumbs rubbing small circles on Ray's left thigh. The larger guitarist's loins were beginning to rise, pressing against his pants. Ray groaned again, sounding a little more bothered. Frank held his breath.

- - - -

The hazel-eyed guitarist had no idea why he did this. It had started out as a joke...a dare. Something stupid little shit kids would do to each other. Mikey and Gerard dared him...back before he was even in the band, Frank realized now. Ray was known for being laid-back and stoic, to the point of letting people walk all over him.

The Way Brothers knew this.

Frank did not.

Therefore, the young, then-dreadlocked guitarist assumed they were sending him into the fucking lion's den...making him do the most horrific, mind-twistingly evil thing the two of them could come up with. In reality, Gerard had been high off his fucking ass and Mikey just thought of something random.

It had been easy the first time. After all, every one of them was young still...Frank could still remember the way Ray's pajama pants felt when pressed flat against his strong thigh, and the funny sounds Ray made when he was rubbing him shakily.

Ray had awoken with a quiet noise of distress, and the three other boys had been down in Gerard's room, giggling like maniacs, before the guitarist could put together what the hell happened.

But like everything else that involved the band, Frank didn't know when to stop. Rather, he didn't want to stop, no one told him to stop, and so he refused to stop. He'd been thinking about it nonstop since he had done it last, almost a month ago to the date. Touring took so much out of him...he could barely get himself worked up, never mind someone else.

Tonight though, he would have sworn on his grandmother's grave that there was something in the Red Bull someone had shoved at him earlier. Because it was six hours later, three in the morning, and his eyes felt like they would never close again.

He felt weird tonight, bolder, almost a little like he was drunk. Maybe he was power-drunk. Maybe he was high. His thumbs rubbed Ray's thigh with much more pressure than normal, and he even dared to press his shaky palms to the insides of Ray's legs.

Ray made a high-pitched noise, his head falling to one side and breathing starting to increase. "Ehmmm--" the older man whimpered. Frank froze when Ray's hand snaked to his sizable groin, the other guitarist stroking himself weakly. Their fingers fucking brushed, but Ray remained dead to anything except the dream he was having. With a gut-wrenching explosion of irrational jealousy, Frank wondered who Ray was thinking of.

His wife?

A bandmate?

Frank himself?

Ray being Ray, the logical assumption was, of course, that he was dreaming of his wife.

But then again, being which band they were in, and all that they stood for...

Ray's hips moved, snapping Frank back to reality. Just once more.

- - - -

"Oh what the fuck." Ray mumbled in exasperation, frustrated with himself as he yet again woke up with his cock pressing against his zipper fiercely. His right hand was just placed wrist boneless over his crotch, the fingers gripping the tight black denim harshly. Ray groaned, pushing his hair back and sighing loudly.

"Christ Toro, keep it down in there. You having sex?" That was Gerard's voice. Ray flipped off the curtain blocking him from the frontman's view.

"My whole body just fucking hurts." the guitarist grumbled. And I'm fucking hard. "I have guitar burn again."

"What?" Gerard pushed back the curtain a little, making eye contact with Ray. "Again? Dude, I'm sorry. You want your...what's it, bacitracin?"

"Yeah...yeah and the hydrocortizone." Ray mumbled, rubbing at his arm, which hadn't been achy until he mentioned the guitar burn. Gerard nodded and let the curtain fall back into place.

Ray ran a hand through his hair, relaxing back on the pillow. His crotch was softening to a dull buzz of arousal that Ray was frankly debating on ignoring. He was musing on the possible consequences (mainly, blue balls and a massively sensitive stomach) when Gerard poked his head back in.

"Bacitracin a--ewww." Gerard trailed off as Ray rolled his eyes.

"What are you, four?" the guitarist grumbled, grabbing the tube of hydrocortizone and squeezing some out.

"Please tell me you're using that for your burrrrrrrn..."

"Oh Jesus fuckin' Christ Gerard!" Ray said in exasperation, shoving Gerard out of his bunk with his shoulder. The frontman sprawled on the floor as Ray yanked the curtain aside and sat up, wincing. "You wanna' watch? Look, see? Right on my arm. No. Where. Else." Ray growled, smearing the cold, sticky cream on his arm. Gerard grimaced.

"Fuck, that looks painful."

"Not everyone is as much of a pussy as you." Ray pointed out. Gerard shrugged, getting up and dusting himself off.

"Okay. Have fun then."

Ray waited until Gerard retreated to his own bunk before mumbling, "But yeah, it is."

- - - -

Frank lay awake, tossing and turning. He was doing it slower now, because Mikey had yelled at him a few seconds ago. Frank couldn't help it; his body just fucking vibrated with every jolt of the bus. They were headed out to Phoenix, two days away. Frank hated the bus trips, hated them with a fucking passion. Mainly because it's a lot easier to get caught doing shit if you're all crammed into one long room.

He couldn't stop thinking about Ray. It was getting worse, he was getting worse and he knew it. The cupping...too far, so far over the line. It was an invasion now, not some fucking dumb prank.

Frank rolled over and buried his face in his pillow. If I just suffocate... the small guitarist thought drowsily. There was a soft noise from across the narrow space separating the bunks. Frank's ears pricked up, and he lifted his head.

Is that...?

Frank craned his neck, resting his head against the curtain of his bunk.

- - - -

Ray bit down hard on his hand, trying desperately to keep quiet as he wiggled his jeans down to his thighs. A muffled groan slipped out.

- - - -

"Ray! Are you fu--" Mikey found himself dragged down to his knees by the neck, and kissed fiercely. Ray moaned loudly into the younger man's mouth, pressing himself close.

- - - -

"Ray!?" Frank was out of his bunk before he knew it, fists clenched. Mikey slapped Ray across the face, and all Frank could think was that should be me dammit! Me me me me me-- Frank tackled Mikey, punching him in a blind fury.

"Frank! Ray!" Gerard yelled. "What the fuck?! Stop it!" Frank suddenly found himself being dragged off of Mikey by an angrily-sputtering frontman, and the younger guitarist didn't fight, confused as to what had just happened.

Did I just...?

"What the hell guys?" Mikey wheezed. "Guitar Hero over here starts fuckin' macking on me--" the bassist paused to choke for more air. "An' Short Stuff buries his fist in my goddamn large intestine?"

Frank's mind raced, trying to think of something, anything! "I was--j-um...I tripped. I rolled out of bed, and I f-fell." Frank stammered, his eyes unable to help straying to Ray, who was flushed and unknowingly pantsless.

"Ray, what the fuck were you kissing my--"

"Dream." Ray said shortly, wiping his mouth in apparent disgust. "Just...just a dream."

"Th' fuck are you all doing?" Bob rumbled, poking his head out of his bunk and looking mildly pissed off at everyone standing in the corridor. Frank shook Gerard off and slunk back into his bunk. Ray retreated as well, leaving the Brothers Way standing awkwardly without either of their guitarists.

"Uh, nothing I guess." Gerard said finally.

- - - -

"You wanna' tell me what the hell that was about?" Mikey asked around his customary rest stop smoke. Frank sullenly flipped his cigarette away, not acknowledging Mikey's question. The bassist sighed.

"Last night, Iero. The fist to my stomach?" he pressed. Frank reddened.

"I told you, I fell."

"Why the hell did you yell 'Ray' then? Normally when you trip, it's either 'fuck' or 'Jesus fucking Davis'." Mikey pointed out delicately.

"Because he fucking kissed you, alright! I wasn't ready for that shit!"

"Frank, you're bi..."

"You two are my best fucking friends! It's like watching you and Gerard kiss--g-gross and wrong!" Frank exploded. "O-or you and Bob--or me and Bob, or m-me and..." Frank trailed off, and Mikey could have sworn he saw the younger man's bottom lip quiver.

"Just. Don't worry about it." Frank finally said, turning and climbing back into the bus. Mikey scratched the side of his head in confusion, biting his lip. He leaned against the side of the bus, meditatively taking another drag on his cigarette.

"Hey...wait a fuckin'--"

- - - -

"Ray doesn't snore--dibs!"

"Aw, fuck you Frank. Now I have to listen to my brother and his wifey have phone sex!" Gerard griped. Bob laughed as Mikey went florescent red.

"At least it's hot. You ever hear Ray trying to get it on?" Bob asked.

"You shut the fuck up about that Bryar. It was private!" Ray insisted as the others started to snicker.

Frank jumped onto Ray's back, making the taller man stumble and swear loudly.

"Fuckin' warning Iero!?"

"Never. Keep walking!" Frank grinned. I get away with so much shit. he thought gleefully.

- - - -

Ray yawned widely, and Frank shifted around from his position with his cheek on Ray's leg.

"Frank...Frankie wake up." Ray whispered, jostling his knee. Frank groaned sleepily.


"I gotta' go to bed. I have to...I'm so beat." Ray said as Frank slouched down on the couch.

"Kay. Night..."

As Ray got up to head to his bed, Frank murmured something that made the older guitarist's stomach do a fucking backflip.

"Love...love you."

- - - -

He doesn't. Ray thought calmly, "he was half-asleep. He didn't know what he was saying." the curly-haired man reasoned logically.

"Who didn't know what?" Mikey asked curiously. Ray jumped, having been unaware of the younger Way's presence in his smoking space outside the upper-class motel.

"Nothin' really Mikey. I'm just thinking out loud." Ray lied, looking up at the sky with a frown. "S' gonna' be sunny today."

"We're in Phoenix genius."

- - - -

"And when the lights all wen' out, we watched our lives onna' sceen..." Gerard crooned into the microphone. "I hate the endin' myself, bu' it started with an alright scene..."

Ray continued finger-picking on the acoustic guitar as the crowd screamed. Frank slammed a foot down on his pedals like he always did, so his opening rhythm chords would hide the noise of Ray quickly switching guitars.

"It was the roar o' th' crowd, that gave me heartache t' sing--it was a lie when they smiled, n' said you won't feel a thing!"

Frank pounded a strike down on his strings; as exhausted as he was, he still played with a sincere sort of energy...a fury that raged deep in his gut, as he glanced over at Mikey and seethed inwardly. Mine. Damn you.

- - - -

Ray easily switched over to his electric, and jerked his head at Frank. The shorter guitarist instantly turned himself down, smiling at Ray like he always did. At first, Ray had found it a little creepy, because normally when Frank smiled, that meant that someone was about to be tackled, or slammed in the face with something glass. But...

Ray flashed him a smile of straight, white teeth, effortlessly sliding into his chords. Only then. It's only then...when it's me. Ray pondered, biting his lip and playing along with the song. It's probably because of me sort of teaching him back in the day, I guess. Maybe he's grateful? I mean, he already thanked me like, a billion fucking times. So...

- - - -

"But where did you run to, an' where did you hide--"

Frank breathed a little harder as Ray launched into his earsplitting lick, the older guitarist throwing himself into the music harder and more passionately than Frank had seen him do in a long time. It stirred something deep inside of Frank, the younger man's stomach flopping wildly as he took a step towards Ray.

Now was when he thanked God for wireless pickups. Frank, feeling his knees start to shake, quickened his steps. When he was five feet away from Ray, he missed three consecutive notes. Ray looked up, hearing the empty spot. And as Gerard softly "whoa" ed into his microphone, Frank twisted a hand into Ray's hair, and dragged him down.

The younger man's guitar banged with a muffled whine of feedback against Ray's thigh, the other guitarist having barely lifted his instrument in time to avoid a nasty finger-smashing. Ray tried to keep playing, but his fingers grew clumsy and juvenile as Frank just...kept kissing.

Fuck, he's--he's trying to put his tongue in! Ray panicked, feeling the careful sweep of Frank's tongue on his lips. Ray shuddered, just a little, but Frank felt it, and the smaller man hastily pulled back.

He gave Ray an apologetic smile, which the other guitarist shakily returned. Frank furrowed his brow at Ray's apparent discomfort, pressing close to lean against Ray. He nuzzled into Ray's shoulder, looking trustingly up at the taller man.

- - - -

Gerard hid his smirk with the microphone when Frank cuddled into Ray and the crowd volume increased violently. Mikey jerked his chin covertly towards the two guitarists, one standing stiff and proud, the other slouching. Bob bit his lip to hide a smile. Off to the side, Brian started hitting his head against the wall.

- - - -

Frank just...wouldn't leave Ray's personal space. Ray figured, Ray Toro. Stage Left. SL.

But apparently he wasn't going to be solo on Stage Left tonight. Frank remained. When he wasn't trying to fucking merge through Ray's skin, the smaller man stood with some part of his body resting against Ray's right side. The crowd screamed and cheered even louder whenever Frank leaned in close like he was whispering to Ray, and Ray could tell Frank was eating it up.

As far as Toro went, he sort of wished the show could be over now. The kiss, the way it felt and tasted and just was, it scared and excited him in ways he couldn't even describe. And currently, he hated that he was excited about it. That he wanted to do it again, and again and again, until everything disappeared and all that stayed was that kiss, that ferocious feeling that surged in his chest when he'd felt Frank's tongue pressing against his lips. Ray fucking hated that feeling; it made him doubt himself...loathe himself even.

Why do I like it so much...aren't I straight--

Crooked, strong white teeth closed down on Ray's ear, startling the man thoroughly and making him miss a note. Frank giggled, his breath heating Ray's already-blazing neck. Ray shook his head slightly, accidentally brushing his hair against Frank's lips.

"Stop it Frank." Ray hissed.

Instantly, Frank drew back. He bolted for the other side of the stage, knocking over Gerard's mic stand like a child having a temper tantrum. Ray heaved in a few breaths, trying to force his legs to stop trembling. He locked his knees to no avail; his thighs were shaking like he had hypothermia. Gerard shot him a worried look as Ray went down on his knees hard.

Fuckin' shit. Fuck you Frank. Ray thought, getting back up with his face flushed bright red. He nodded to Gerard, I'm okay, continuing to play and swear inwardly.

- - - -

"Way to get the crowd goin' Frank! I'm impressed!" Gerard said, unable to stop smiling. He thumped Frank on the back, sniggering a little to himself. Frank grinned, thanking Gerard with a modest tint of pink in his cheeks.

Off in the corner, Ray huffed angrily. That little shit--I screwed up so bad tonight! he berated himself, vowing swift vengeance to Frank once they got back to the motel. That kid was getting a talk.

- - - -

"Franklin. Anthony. Iero." Ray seethed two milliseconds after Frank closed the door to their room. Frank turned with an expression of wide-eyed innocence.

"Yes Ray?"

"Don't you fuckin' yes Ray me, you little snot!" Ray exploded, his fists clenching. "What the hell was that tonight!? Why the fuck did you do that?! Why?"

"Jesus Ray, who kicked you in the balls?" Frank shot back, confused as to why Ray was freaking out. Frank's heart abruptly started to pound. Shit. What if he put it together?

"Why the hell would you pick on me? I fucked up a whole sequence of chords while you were busy slobbering on my ear and playing up the crowd!" Ray raged. "Is that all I am to this fucking band, a pair of hands? I don't matter--no one ever notices me, so you decided to throw me a fucking bone and fucking stage-rape me instead of Gerard?!" Ray's eyes snapped with fury. "Fuck you Frank!"

"Oh, 'fuck you Frank'? Is that the best you can do?!" Frank snarled, Ray's anger bleeding over into Frank's attitude. "I didn't know I required a release form from your fucking wife to fool around onstage--to act for fuck's sake!" the smaller man yelled. "You know what, Mister-Oh-So-Neglected? You wanna' know something? I did that by myself! Nobody told me to, nobody dared me to, I did it because I wanted to see what it would be like--" Frank's lower lip quivered, making Ray's eyes widen. "Wanted to see--f-fuck. I."

Frank slumped against the wall, closing his eyes and inhaling deeply.

"I never kissed you before. I've kissed everyone at one point or another, sober or otherwise, but you're just so fuckin' untouchable, with your straightstraightstraight persona. Damn it, you can't blame me for being curious." Frank spat.


"Fuckin' but nothing Ray. You're all bent out of shape because you liked it. I felt that, that little noise you made. I felt it in my fucking mouth Toro. You can pretend it was stage." Frank heaved in another breath, looking like what he would say next could cost him his soul. He flipped Ray off, and whispered, "But I'll be damned if you lie to yourself, and me. Don't worry. I'll say it for you this time. Fuck me, Ray."

"Shut up!" Ray yelled, slamming Frank against the wall by his shoulders. The taller man used his height to his advantage, towering over Frank and snarling wordlessly in his face.

"You gonna' punch me Ray? Or are you gonna' pound me?" Frank hissed, making Ray's eyes widen.

"Stop sayin' shit like that!" the lead guitarist growled.

"Gag me an' maybe I will."

"Stop it!" Ray shouted, his voice cracking.

"No!" Frank yelled in his face, shoving Ray hard. "I want you, you you motherfucking you--tear into me, make me bleed, I want you now dammit! I want you fuckin' riled and fuckin' rough and angry! Now!"

"Stop it Frank! You're crazy!" Ray said in concern. Frank gave him a look, a furious look that said don't treat me like a child! And the next second, Ray was on his back on the floor, with Frank tearing open his zipper.


"Shut the fuck up!" Frank seethed, squeezing Ray roughly through the confines of his boxers. Ray let out a choked yell of pain, punching Frank in the gut and throwing him off.

"Stop it!" the older man protested again as Frank slowly got to his feet, his eyes fiery and fists clenched. "Damn it Frank, I don't want to hurt y--"

"You liar!" Frank accused. "You're fucking hard over this!"

Ray flushed guiltily. When he grabbed me--fuck, he's right. "Y--y-yeah."

Frank growled ferally, dropping to a crouch. Ray watched him warily.


Frank lunged for Ray, knocking him down for the second time. They rolled around on the floor for several minutes, both kicking and hitting wildly. Ray paused for a breath, and in that minuscule window of time, Frank tore through Ray's boxers and engulfed the tip of the older man's penis with his mouth.

Ray gasped breathlessly, his hands unconsciously winding themselves in Frank's hair and yanking hard enough to hurt. Frank choked for air as Ray accidentally forced himself in too deep. The younger man punched Ray in the hip, making Ray yelp and release Frank's hair. Frank pulled off, coughing badly. Spit trailed from his lower lip. Ray started to apologize, but Frank waved him off, sucking more air into his lungs.

"Just. Don't pull me. Y' can pull my hair, but don't force me. This is only my second time." Frank rasped. Ray nodded frantically, leaning up on his elbows to carefully touch the side of Frank's face.

Frank leaned into the touch, closing his eyes. "I...I g-gotta' tell you somethin'. After." the younger man finally said, pushing Ray back down. Ray keened softly in want as Frank barely touched him. Frank groaned. "Those fuckin' noises...damn you Toro." he whispered, and then gave Ray a healthy lick from base to tip. Ray's hips jolted up, and Frank pinned them back down, shushing Ray when he moaned.

"Fuck, Frank, please..."

"I know, I know. Shut up already." Frank enthusiastically wrapped his lips around the tip of Ray's cock, taking in as much as he could of the somewhat, healthy-sized organ. Ray shuddered wildly, already leaking precum furiously. He bit his lip and tried to occupy himself with Frank's hair, tracing his fingers at the nape of the smaller man's neck and sighing softly.

"Fr-Frank--!" Ray moaned suddenly as Frank did something wonderful with his tongue, coming down Frank's throat. The older man blushed as Frank swallowed and then pulled off with a shit-eating grin on his face.

"Someone's a little responsive."

"I always am anyway." Ray mumbled. Frank raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah, about that."

"What?" Ray asked in confusion. Frank sighed, wiping at a trickle of cum on his chin.

"Ray...y'know how you wake up hard and you don't know why?"

"Yeah but--ohhhhhh." Ray was silent for a few awkward minutes. "You little bitch! Do you have any idea how much that sucked!?" he sputtered.

"Vaguely. I'm sorry man. It started back before I was even with you guys--it was a dare, but I didn't stop." Frank said apologetically. "I didn't want to stop. It...it felt so wrong, like dangerous, you know?" Frank palmed himself discreetly, whining low in his throat. "I liked it. It made me feel like you...uh, like we were...um." Frank trailed off as Ray looked at him heatedly.

"Like we were together?"

"Mmm, yeah. Like we were a fuckin' couple or something, and I'd wake you up every day with a blowjob, or a nice grinding session--" Frank panted for air, his erection untended as Ray dragged him close and kissed him fiercely. Ray snaked his hand inside Frank's pants, making the younger man whimper with need.

"Here, hang on--" Ray muttered breathlessly as Frank started sucking at his neck. The older man picked Frank up, and carried him to one of the room's beds. "Okay, now I c-can...uh..." Ray unzipped Frank's pants, and slid down the younger man's boxers.

"Wh-what're you--ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk-" Frank's voice cracked as Ray shakily started to suck him off, the older man gagging a little at the unfamiliar feeling. Frank's fingers clenched into the scratchy bedspread, the younger man's hips pushing gently up towards Ray's mouth. Ray accepted as much as he could without choking, trying to get the hang of it. Frank abruptly pulled hard on Ray's hair, jerking Ray's whole head to one side and making Frank's member slide out from between his lips.

"Frank what're you--"

"I need to kiss you again." Frank moaned, making Ray smile. The older man pressed his lips to Frank's hesitantly, and Frank wrapped his arms around Ray's neck, making little noises into Ray's mouth as he pressed his erection against Ray's hard stomach. Ray reached between their bodies, jerking Frank off while he kissed him. Frank bucked wildly under him, arching his back and sobbing a little.

Ray bit his lip, and then pressed his mouth to Frank's ear. "Come for me, y' fuckin' slut."

Frank gasped, and something wet coated Ray's hand as Frank's hips crushed up into Ray's. "Ray--!"

"Shhh, I know, s'okay." Ray murmured as Frank panted for breath, the younger man going limp on the bed. Ray soothed the hair back Frank's reddened face, blushing when he noticed Frank's eyes sleepily following his motions.

"You're amazing."

The raw honesty in Frank's voice both wounded and healed Ray all at once. The older guitarist couldn't reply for several seconds, clearing his throat.

"Why...why would you say that? I barely lasted..."

"'Cause you are..." Frank murmured. Ray shook his head, smiling softly.

"You're all tired out."

"Wives are hard to come by on the road." Frank retorted weakly. Ray chuckled.

"You offerin' Iero?"

"I did say I wanted you to fuck me, didn't I?" Frank breathed, blinking slowly. Ray felt his stomach drop out.

"Careful Frank."

"Dead serious Toro." Frank dragged Ray in for another kiss, panting into the other man's mouth. "I couldn't be more serious if I tried."

"But Frank...oh. Mm, Jesus. Cut that out." Ray said breathlessly as Frank sucked on his shoulder.

"Face it Ray. You fuckin' need it, built like you are." Frank whispered slyly, making his eyes wide and innocent when Ray looked at him dazedly.

"YOU GUYS ARE FUCKING DICKS!" came Bob's ferocious baritone through the wall. "GO TO BED ALREADY!!"

"We love you too Bob!" Frank hollered in reply as Ray started to snort with laughter.

Why not? Let's give it a shot...

Ray abruptly frowned. "But I'm not sharing my side of the stage."

"Oh come on Ray!"
  • Hahaha that ending was priceless ^_^
    Loved it.
    Mem's <333
  • That was AWESOME!!! :) It was hot of course, but sweet and funny too. I love it!! :)
  • Woah.



    That was awesome. Frank/Ray is the sex. Mem's, of course.
  • I"m a Ray & Mikey girl, myself, but that was really good. Loved the end with the continued antagonism. XD
  • Gah

    I'm without internet for like, one week, and what happens in that week?
    Something totally awesome (i.e. this) gets posted.

    This was lovely. I'd forgotten the beauty of a good one-shot. :)
    I should forget to pay my cable bill more often.
  • Excellent!
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