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Millionaire Bachelor


To be enchanted can be a deadly thing, sometimes far more deadly than being disenchanted. Only upon being disenchanted could Sleeping Beauty find her love...only through suffering do many find joy. Whatever the cost may be; a drummer, a pair of glasses...

We must be disenchanted, desencantado, to move on in our lives.



Millionaire Bachelor

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batman/robin kiss
Title: Millionaire Bachelor
Author: restinpiecesluv
Pairing: Past Ray/(Surprise person)
Rating: PG-13
POV: 3rd, almost omniscient
Summary: This season's Millionaire Bachelor, Ray Toro, has a secret to share.
Disclaimer: Click to see how fake this is
Word Count: 1,278
Prompt: 026. Nervous at this prompt table
Author Notes: This started out as a drabble that I came up with while pacing in my kitchen but turned into a short one-shot.
Beta: Self. Please feel free to point out any mistakes.
Warnings: Slight angst.

(Well, Ray, it seems we've only got one more question for you from our viewers.)
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